Polyesters & Polyurethanes

Our POLYESTERS & POLYURETHANES are European technologies from the Verinlegno line.    Since 2012, CANLAK has been associated with Verinlegno, an Italian company, in order to complete our line of wood finishes, offering you a complete solution for wood coatings.


POLYESTER is a superior quality product with exceptional film clarity. Its ability to fill the wood makes it an excellent sealer as well as a topcoat. It is widely used when a smooth or wet look finish is required. These products are offered in a variety of lusters as well


POLYURETHANE is a superior quality product with outstanding durability and resistance.  This family of products is our most high end and includes standard polyurethane and acrylic-urethane products. This complete series of products, available in clear or opaque systems, from ultra mat finish to high sheens, are ideal for kitchen cabinets, children’s furniture as well as other articles that are subject to harsh conditions.