With its unique approach, Canlak offers much more than simple products. After careful analysis of your specific
needs and challenges, we will provide you with complete solutions, precisely made for your unique requirements and standards. Here is a brief overview of the wide spectrum of products and services that Can Lak has to offer.

  • In-house experts to analyze and resolve your specific challenges
  • High-tech laboratory for the development of products that conform to your specifications
  • A highly qualified team of chemists who are constantly challenging the limits of R&D
  • Exclusive coatings to help differentiate your products
  • Guaranteed product conformity
  • Stringent quality controls with reference to original batch samples
  • ISO 9001:  certification
  • Certificate of analysis for your products
  • Technical notebooks to guide your employees
  • Direct access to Can Lak’s managers to discuss your projects
  • Customized training for your technicians
  • Advisory service and references for engineering systems and equipment
  • Assured confidentiality to safeguard your business information
  • A dynamic and reliable partner:  a company built on family values
  • Guaranteed delivery date with express shipping, if necessary
  • Available inventory management and automatic restocking
  • 24 / 7 Technical support
  • A team totally dedicated to satisfying its clients