Tips and tricks

The successful application of high-performance coatings can be challenging. To overcome these challenges, the application technician must exercise rigorous control over the multiple conditions that come into play during the preparation and the application of wood finishes. At CANLAK, we are well aware of these challenges. That is why our products are amongst the most tolerant in the industry when it comes to dealing with varying conditions, without compromising the beauty and durability of the wood finish.

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For optimum results every time, the following conditions need to undergo strict controls:

  1. The level of humidity of the wood or veneer.
  2. The surface preparation and sanding.
  3. The compatibility of multiple coatings.
  4. The accurate preparation and mix of coatings.
  5. A choice of coating appropriate for the intended use.
  6. Rigorous quality controls at every step of the finishing process.
  7. Optimal setting and adjustment of the application equipment.
  8. The appropriate thickness of the successive coats.
  9. Adequate drying time.
  10. A clean and stable environment without dust and major temperature variations.

Here are examples of situations you may encounter and probable causes: